The following are product examples of what we offer in the way of cold shrink cable splice kits. All types and voltages are available.

5kv-single-conductor-tape-shield-splice-kits5kV Single Conductor Tape Shield Splice Kits
15-35kv-single-conductor-tape-shield-splice-kits15-35kV Single Conductor Tape Shield Splice Kits
5-35kv-three-conductor-tape-shield-armored-or-non-armored-splice-kits5-35kV Tape Shield Splice Kits for 3/C Armored and Non-Armored Cables
15-35kv-jcn-splice-kits15-35kV JCN Splice Kits
qs4-integrated-splice-kitsQS4 Integrated Splice Kits
5-8kv-motor-lead-splice-kitsMotor Lead Splice Kits
resin-poured-in-place-splice-kitsResin Poured Splices
1c-x-3c-transition-accessory1/C x 3/C Transition Splices
al-and-cu-butt-splices---all-typesAL and CU Butt Splices - All types and sizes